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This might be your last chance to buy the NES Classic

Nintendo is discontinuing the NES Classic Edition. While this decision is still puzzling, you might still be looking to buy one before it disappears into the ether forever. Best Buy stores have some of the last units starting today.

If you plan on buying one, I’d head to the closest Best Buy store right now as these units won’t be available on Best Buy’s website.

Nintendo has already stopped manufacturing the NES Classic Edition. Demand has been very strong and has largely outpaced production. But Nintendo doesn’t want to sell the NES Classic Edition forever.

The company probably wants to focus on the Nintendo Switch, saying that you should buy Nintendo’s latest console if you want to play Nintendo games. Rumor has it that Nintendo is also working on an SNES Classic Edition for the end of the year.

And if you don’t live in the U.S. and still want to play some good old NES games on your TV, you can still buy a Raspberry Pi and install some emulators on it. That could be a nice DIY weekend project.

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