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Just Listed: 1981 Porsche RUF Turbo Cabriolet

Feeling safe? Burdened by an overwhelming sense of security? Don’t worry; we’ve got the perfect fix for that. If you’ve got the cash, Bring a Trailer has an incredibly cool 1981 Porsche RUF Turbo Cabriolet up for grabs.

Somewhere down the line, the horsepower maniacs at RUF decided a crop-top 911 Turbo was an idea worth pursuing. Sure, a 911 Turbo Cab makes perfect sense in today’s market, but back during the 930 era, turbo 911s were wild, CEO-killing weapons. In the early days of forced induction, the 930 has unpredictable power delivery and skittish rear-end, earning the 930 the infamous “Widowmaker” nickname.

The first true Cabriolet 911 arrived in 1983, so in reality, this car started life as a regular 1981 Porsche 91 SC Targa. For starters, RUF chopped the fixed rear hoop and glass off, and installed a traditional collapsible soft top. The 3.4-liter turbocharged flat-six is a boost over the regular 3.0-liter naturally aspirated mill, now pushing out between 280 – 330 hp when brand new. Power is sent to the rear-wheels through a RUF-spec five-speed dogleg manual transmission.

Despite being as well-sorted as any factory convertible, be wary. Porsche eventually went on to offer a Targa and Cab variant of the 930 later in its lifecycle, and removing the solid roof did nothing to help the car’s stability and rigidity.

Head over to Bring a Trailer to try your luck with this open-air missile.

1981 Porsche RUF Cabriolet Bring A Trailer Just Listed Interior

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