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The dream of Polish tech entrepreneurship is almost over


Poland has worked diligently over the past decade to become an entrepreneurial powerhouse. Once home to businesses focused primarily on app design and outsourcing, social, societal, and economic pressures forced the country’s brightest to start building for themselves. And they did. I’ve covered Polish startups for almost a decade, first ...

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Movidius launches a $79 deep-learning USB stick


Movidius and Intel have put deep-learning on a stick with a tiny $79 USB device. In April of last year, Movidius showed off the first iteration of this device, which they then called the Fathom Neural Compute Stick. The company wasn’t able to get the product out as quickly as ...

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Revolut launches personal Euro accounts with your own IBAN


Fintech startup Revolut just raised $66 million and is already launching new features. Starting today, you can generate your own IBAN for Euro transactions. This way, you can receive your salary directly on your Revolut account for instance. While you could already top up your Revolut account with a regular ...

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It’s 2017, and women still aren’t being funded equally


Broadly, the venture capital industry is thriving. But still, too often, women seeking funding are left out of the boom because of hidden biases, sexism and a general unawareness. Because of this — and recent reports of incredibly low-brow behavior among high-profile investors — it is more important than ever to understand where women founders ...

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