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AutoMobility LA Announces Design & Developer Challenge

The 2028 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles is over a decade away, but that hasn’t stopped the L.A. Auto Show and AutoMobility LA from announcing its latest Design & Developer Challenge.

This year’s theme is searching for a “Smarter L.A. 2060” and will focus on “what life will be like in Los Angeles if it were to host the 2060 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games.”

Will we finally get flying cars, jet packs, and gravity suits, or just a bunch of Boring tunnels and self-driving EVs? Or can we expect a future with killer replicants like the one imagined in the “Blade Runner” film series? (By the way, the latest installment opens in theaters on October 6 and you can watch the trailer here for ideas.) Leading experts are asked to think about the future and to develop a transportation plan for the 20 million folks who will need to get around L.A.

“This year we are inviting automotive designers and mobility innovators to collaborate with architects, designers, and urban planners, with a mission of inspiring the creation of smarter cities and ecosystems of the future,” said Bryan Biniak, Nokia Growth Partners EIR in a statement.

“AutoMobility LA’s annual Design & Developer Challenge facilitates a unique opportunity for designers and inventors to collaborate with the City of Los Angeles, the L.A. Auto Show, and lead the year’s mobility conversation.”

The annual competition for automakers’ advanced designers and developers includes a diverse mix of companies including BMW, Crayola, Fandango, Honda, Lego, and Mercedes-Benz.

“Connected vehicles and smart infrastructure technology will lead to a new era of smart mobility that redefines transportation as we know it,” said Doug Seven, Azure IoT Mobility head, including the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform.

“At Microsoft, we are not just focused on the near future, but also on supporting creative ideas that will impact the world for decades to come. We are thrilled to sponsor this year’s Design & Developer Challenge and support some of the brightest minds in imagining the future of transportation and connectivity.”

If you have a vision for the future you can click here to fill out the online form and submit a 250-word abstract by September 15.

The challenge is co-sponsored by Autodesk and Lacks Enterprises and will be presented by Microsoft in the Technology Pavilion, at the Los Angeles Convention Center, on November 29.

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