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Apple AirPods will soon automatically connect to Apple TVs


The next version of the Apple TV automatically adds AirPods to the available speakers. According to reports, Apple is making the process as easy as possible. Clearly someone on the Apple TV team shares Doug’s late night Wheel of Fortune viewing habit. This function makes sense. Sometimes you want to ...

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Government suggests expanding telco infrastructure powers


The Australian government has announced a set of proposed changes to widen the powers and immunities of telecommunications carriers to roll out, expand, and maintain fixed-line and mobile communications infrastructure. “Telecommunications carriers have a range of powers and immunities to allow for the installation and maintenance of certain network facilities, ...

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iOS 11 on the iPad Pro is still missing one important feature


Apple on Monday announced significant changes are coming to the iPad’s operating system this fall with the release of iOS 11. The changes demoed on stage made it clear Apple is working hard at changing user behavior – and perhaps more importantly, perception – of the iPad lineup. Instead of ...

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WWDC 2017: I miss Steve Jobs and his 'Reality Distortion Field'


Yes, Darth Vader made an appearance at Apple’s WWDC 2017 keynote. Yesterday’s WWDC keynote made me nostalgic for the Steve Jobs days, with his laid back style and calming ‘Reality Distortion Field.’ See also : Apple transformed the WWDC keynote into a big hardware sales pitch Keynotes of past were ...

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