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Nielsen announces new division to measure esports sponsorships


Another sign that e-sports are turning into a big business: Nielsen is launching a new division focused providing research and consulting to the industry. The measurement firm already has a unit focused on gaming — in fact, Nicole Pike, Nielsen’s vice president of gaming, said Nielsen Esports was created in response ...

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Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet Wows Pebble Beach Crowd


Mercedes-Benz wants to yacht rock your world. Stuttgart unwrapped a stunning electric vehicle in Monterey, California—the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet. The super-haute cabriolet has an extremely long hood and in all, the dreamboat drop-top is nearly 19 feet long. The Art Deco inspired vehicle was designed as an electric car ...

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Microsoft releases preview of updated Skype Desktop app


Microsoft is starting to roll out a preview of a redesigned version of its Skype application for Windows and Mac desktop users. (Image: Microsoft) The Skype Desktop preview released today is not the same as the Universal Windows Platform version for Skype for Windows 10. Instead, this is the updated ...

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iOS 11 public beta 5 — should you run it?


Every time Apple releases a new public beta of iOS 11 I get inundated by people wanting to know if it’s safe for them to try it on their iPhones and iPads. Well, there’s only one way to find out — and that’s to install it on my equipment. Read ...

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New malware masquerades as a ride-sharing app


 An update to the venerable Faketoken.q Android malware has made it easier for the program to steal your credit card information from ride-sharing apps. Faketoken attacks Russian ride-sharing apps by overlaying text boxes on the credit card information pages that can capture your credit number and other important information. Kaspersky ...

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A defense company put a machine gun on a drone


Duke Robotics, a military contractor, has produced a video for their unique and uniquely dangerous new tool, TIKAD. This drone platform looks fairly basic – a custom multi-rotor drone with a chassis on the bottom to hold what looks like a stripped down machine gun, sniper rifle, or grenade launcher ...

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