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Apple iPhone 8 Plus costs $295.44 to make, says IHS Markit

Apple’s iPhone 8 Plus has a bill of materials cost of $288, a sum higher than any previous iPhone, according to IHS Market. Toss in $7.36 in manufacturing costs and the total expense to make the iPhone 8 Plus is $295.44.

Don’t cry for Apple though. The company’s starting price for the Apple iPhone 8 Plus is $799, $30 higher than the larger version of the iPhone 7.

The iPhone 8 bill of materials is $247.51.

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While IHS Markit’s analysis is notable, what folks really want to know is the costs for the iPhone X.

The higher costs for Apple are primary related to more NAND flash memory and wireless charging components. Tech vendors have noted higher component costs in recent months.

Camera costs are also higher given that Apple added new sensors as well as calibration for augmented reality.

Here’s IHS Markit’s historical look at iPhone components and memory density and cost per GB.


Credit: IHS Markit


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